Kojoto's Closet

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Kojoto's Closet is an AXE235 point-and-click game first released on December 26, 2015.


Kojoto's Closet is a vignette about moving on to things that you need, but don't necessarily want.


Kojoto de Kakto is living a very poor life in an obscenely small and cheap apartment in Shokal. They have recently broken up with their live-in boyfriend and have gotten together with a new partner.

The game starts off with Kojoto accepting that it's finally time to upgrade their computer. The only way they can accomplish this is by going into their closet, where their past lives. Kojoto meanders around the tiny apartment, looking at the relics of their life, before finally making the plunge into the closet.

Inside the closet, Kojoto sees the relics of Shawn and their relationship together. Shawn grew progressively less attached to Kojoto during the course of their relationship, becoming more obsessed with anime girls instead of their partner. After vanishing for three days without any word to attend an anime conference, and throwing an unannounced anime viewing party in their apartment when returning, Kojoto was past their limit. An argument broke out, and Shawn left without even taking any of his belongings, never to be seen again.

Deep in the mysterious recesses of the closet, Kojoto finds the upgrade disk and returns to their room to upgrade the computer. It upgrades successfully, and Kojoto feels a little more secure in leaving the past behind them. Now together with their new boyfriend who is a cactus, Kojoto looks forward to the future.



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