King St. Bee Chess

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King St. Bee Chess is a printable chess variant released on November 3, 2017.


Join King St. Bee in the chess adventure of a lifetime! King St. Bee's designed her own chess variant starring her, and you're the one unlucky enough to have to play it with your friends! Can you stand playing a full game as King St. Bee aimlessly wanders the board, destroying your pieces without mercy?

King St. Bee Chess was invented by King St. Bee after learning the traditional game of chess did not feature her in any way. Infuriated, she quickly designed a variant that would place her front and center. It very quickly did not spread outside of her friend group, and did not become an international sensation that surpassed ordinary chess in popularity. King St. Bee sure thinks it has, though.

Known King St. Bee Chess players include King St. Bee, Princess Bluebird, and Smokey Joe. These are the only people willing to play chess with her in the first place, so they have learned to adapt to her unique variant.



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