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"The TOP radio in the tri-county area!"
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Radio host
Affiliation KAIN radio

KAIN is the assumed alias of the disk jockey for KAIN talk radio, a radio station located in Location City.


KAIN is an aggressive and stubborn person. He is very, very certain in his opinions which are primarily of the highest order of crankery. KAIN trusts no government, no corporation, and no establishment of any kind. He only believes in the power of the people, however vague that might be.



WIRM is a rival station that competes with the KAIN station for airspace. KAIN and the WIRM DJ, Wolf, don't know each other very well, but would be capable of forming an extremely close relationship if they ever had the potential to meet. If only that could happen...


  • KAIN's favorite kind of music is rock with roll.
  • KAIN doesn't have any favorite food!