Jet Sandwich

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Jet Sandwich
Nickname(s) Jam (Amber Sandwich)
Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Owner and mechanic at The Bike's Store!
Affiliation Mad Science
Family Amber Sandwich (younger sibling)

Jet Sandwich is is a human resident of Location City, and the owner-manager of The Bike's Store!.


Jet is a cruel, bitter person who thinks he's the most important person in the world. He is the proprietor of The Bike's Store! and came into ownership of the shop after the mysterious death of the original owner, who mysteriously left full ownership of the place to him.

Jet cares little for anything that isn't him. He is totally self-absorbed and spends all of his time tinkering in his secret laboratory instead of running his shop. Indeed, Jet moonlights as a mad scientist interested in genetic abberation and mutation. Mostly this means he does things like merging together squirrels and bears to see what would happen.


Jet abhors all relationships and considers no person to be his friend. His brother, Amber Sandwich, and his employees, Mort Dupree and Logan McKnight, hold no interest to him.

Of special note is his relationship with Ren Moore, the owner of Pet Supplies & Moore. Ren is engaged in a full-on feud with The Bike's Store, for reasons that are not well discerned by either side. Jet is uninterested in any emotional aspect to the feud, but has sworn that he will destroy his enemy fully.


  • Aside from being an evil mad scientist, Jet is actually an incredibly dull person.