Horbin Gen

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Horbin Gen
AXE235 Horbin Gen.png
Species Earth Sisiban
Pronouns He/him
Occupation ???
Affiliation Earth Kingdom

Horbin Gen (friends call him Horby) is the deuteragonist of Cat Catastrophe Byproduct. He is a Sisiban that lives on Sisibi in the Earth Kingdom.


Horbin is not the brightest spoon in the toolshed. For some reason, he finds himself incapable of the most simple tasks necessary for life in the Earth Kingdom. Crops planted by him wither and fail; pottery shaped by him crumbles; he is hardly even capable of writing a sentence in a straight line. Despite his failings, Horbin simply considers himself "unlucky" and works his hardest every day to find his meaning in life.


Sherry Gen

Sherry is Horbin's younger sister. She is always trying to help Horbin find his place in life, to no success.

Wilber Fino

Wilber is Horbin's best friend, and the one person who always reassures him when things go wrong. Unfortunately, it's typically to assure him that it's okay to be a failure.

Quinine Catarack

In Horbin's travels, Quinine joins his party and soon becomes a close friend. Despite Quinine's "eccentricities", they develop a strong relationship.