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AXE235 Goltra.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Shadow magic
Body Type Shadow
Lifespan Immortal
Locomotion Astral plane
Communication Psychic

The Goltra are a closed species that lives on Prova.


Goltra are mysterious and legendary creatures that live on Prova. Beings from another world, they are insubstantial and non-physical, existing only as mysterious shadows projected against flat surfaces.

Though without physical form, all Goltra have a few things in common regarding their appearance: Their heads are triangular, with a singular transparent "eye", and are always viewed in profile. Their heads are topped with a set of frills, similar to a Jasemi's head crest.

Without any physical form to speak of, a Goltra is incapable of directly interacting with the world. They do not speak the modern common language of Prova, only communicating in old and mysterious tongues only ancient Jasemi understand.


Goltra congregate near Jasemi villages, hiding in the shadows and under furniture. They are secretive, private creatures, who avoid directly associating with mortals. They watch from a distance, only intervening in the greatest moments of danger.


Being non-physical, Goltra cannot be harmed by material means. Only magic, and especially powerful magic at that, could possibly hurt them.

When aggressed, a Goltra can focus its energy and "peel" itself off of whatever surface it is stuck to. When in this peeled state, they are paper-thin and still immaterial, unable to cause physical harm. When in danger, Goltra prefer to frighten or confuse their opponents before fleeing.


As creatures of shadow, the Goltra have a powerful grasp of shadow magic. They can manipulate light, darkness, and the emotions of people to frighten, disorient, and confuse enemies.


Goltra do not need to eat, subsiding entirely off of residual magic particles.


The Goltra possess no known society of their own, but tend to stick closely to Jasemi villages for reasons unknown. They are revered as spirits of legend by the Jasemi, viewed sometimes as guardian angels, and other times as disruptive poltergeists.