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AXE235 Fulma.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Earth magic
Lifespan 70-90 years
Sapience Unknown
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Communication Verbal

The Fulma are a closed species that lives on Prova.


Fulma are 20-foot-long quadrupedal creatures that live in the desert. They superficially resemble reptiles, but are actually slimy and amphibious, with a tough but rubbery black hide to withstand the desert heat.

Their mouths feature protruding lips and a long tongue with a noticeable zig-zagged shape. On the top of their head are two antennae that conduct electricity.


Fulma are clever, cunning, and brave in the face of adversity or certain death. They are quick to defend themselves and their young.

Their lips give them the ability to speak in Provan tongues. Kotfisken can spend hours arguing over whether or not that actually makes them sentient, or if they are merely repeating the words that they've been taught by other Kotfisken.

The resident Phlog of the continent absolutely adore them due to their natural magic generation, and tend to congregate around them. Fulma are normally solitary animals, but under Phlog care, they have been known to form groups.


A fight with a Fulma is sure to leave you stunned. They are rarely provoked, but if self-defense is necessary, they will ram aggressors with their electrical antennae.


Fulma are highly eccentric magical creatures with the moderately unique ability of electrokinesis, due to their natural generation of earth magic.


Fulma feed on the limited vegetation that grows in the Provan desert.