Frequently Modulated

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Frequently Modulated is an AXE235 choose-your-own-adventure novel released on October 26, 2017.


Alone in the woods with an injured leg, Proe is woefully underprepared to handle the upcoming weeks with such an injury. With their emergency contact having dropped out on them, Proe resolves to handle the rest of their vacation by themself.

With no contact to the outside world, the only connection Proe has is their radio, and the two stations they can get on it: KAIN and WIRM. Over the days, Proe struggles with accomplishing their chores and listens intently on the increasingly surreal radio, which begins to describe a tale of government overreach down in the city.

Eventually, having run out of water, Proe enters the forest to retrieve fresh well water. In the woods, Proe encounters a strange, inexplicable being. Proe decides to call in to the KAIN radio show and describe the mysterious event.

The very next day, Proe is visited by The F-Man, a person who is clearly a government agent that requests to see any radios in Proe's cabin. Shaken, Proe manages to get the agent to leave and calls into KAIN again, telling the host about the agent.

The morning after that, Proe is awakened by strange sounds outside their house. Going out, they see it - the very monster that they spotted in the woods. It is massive, hairy, beast that quickly vanishes into the woods. Despite knowing there is a monster in the forest, Proe tries to maintain a normal life.

A few days pass and Proe struggles to maintain their life in the cabin. Eventually, Proe is awakened by none other than the F-Man breaking in and stealing their radios. Furious, Proe remembers there is a special emergency radio in their attic that the F-Man would not have been able to steal.

With the emergency radio in set up, Proe makes a series of startling discoveries, learns the truth of the monster stalking them, and finally makes a dramatic escape from the forest.



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