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Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Federal agent
Affiliation The Society

The F-Man is a federal agent of the Society sent to investigate mysterious happenings in the Wabel Woods forest.


The F-Man is possibly the most average person ever made. Average height, average complexion, average hair color, average face - it is like he was created from a mold to achieve the most basic human man in the world. The only distinguishing things about him are a slightly receding hairline, and slightly oversized ears.

The F-Man is undyingly loyal to the Facility and will stop at virtually nothing to achieve his goals. Although he is polite and amiable on the surface, he is secretly a conniver always looking to influence others to the Facility's ends.

He works as a member of the Supernatural Law Enforcement Patrol, a standard level policing unit for monitoring and handling low-danger paranormal events.


  • The F-Man's favorite music is top 40 hits.
  • The F-Man cuts his own hair, every single morning!