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AXE235 Eggle.png
Species Dinosaur
Gender Questioning
Pronouns They/them

Eggle is the mascot of Eggware.XYZ. They are a dinosaur that lives in Negatory.


Eggle's basic shape is that of a dinosaur, probably. Raised in an eggshell that they still haven't taken off of their body, their identity is left deliberately ambiguous.


Eggle is an incredibly shy and timid child that doesn't like to be seen or make extended eye contact. They tend to hide behind things much larger than them.


Born within an egg laid deep within the vastly expansive low-level forests of Negatory, Eggle slept alone and unknown for an indeterminate amount of time before finally clawing their way out of their shell. They remained close to their long-abandoned nest before finally waddling off into the great unknown.

Eggle has been on many adventures, and the nature of their inter-Negatory travel means it is impossible to put an exact timeline on any of them. They've served many times as the custodian of deities and beings more powerful than anyone could imagine, but to this day, their base form remains just a little egg.


The Slamma

The Slamma is Eggle's best friend and loyal companion. The Slamma would die for Eggle, and Eggle would die for The Slamma. They go together like peanut butter and mayonnaise, and are just as deadly.


Slamma's Quest

In Slamma's Quest, Eggle falls through a portal into the Pokemon universe. They quickly become the patron of the deity named The Slamma, and spend a large portion of the story enabling The Slamma's lust for power and blood.

Fallout 76: Vault 76

Eggle is the only playable character of Fallout 76, alongside their companions The slamma and Princess Celestia With A Gatling Laser.