Earth Kingdom

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The Earth Kingdom is one of the five major kingdoms of Sisibi.


The Earth Kingdom is the largest of the five kingdoms, spanning across an enormous archipelago of islands. The kingdom is the most fertile, with large swathes of forest and grassland prime for farming and development. Most people live in small villages, tending to their personal farm labor.


Sisibans of the Earth Kingdom are stronger and more durable than members of the other four kingdoms, having a special connection to the planet.

The Monsters that roam the land are primarily large ungulates; cervine features are prominent. They roam the flat, grassy plains and wander freely in the forests of the kingdom. The Monsters of the Earth Kingdom have an especially close bond with its Sisibans, both working and living in close harmony.

Many pure Earth-type Monsters make their home in the Earth Kingdom, but large numbers of Plant and Gem-subtyped Monsters live within its boundaries as well.


The Earth Kingdom is relaxed and "down to earth". Its inhabitants prefer simple pastoral lifestyles to the intensive city life of the Metal Kingdom or the joviality of the Fire Kingdom.

The monarch of the kingdom is mostly a figurehead and rules the land loosely; people do as they please on their individual islands. Its enormous size makes exerting the monarch's actual authority across the kingdom difficult.