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AXE235 Darmegon.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Lifespan 10-12 years
Sapience Sentient
Locomotion Quadrupedal

The Darmegon are a species of sentient predators living on Prova. Its domesticated counterparts are the Nusi.


Darmegon are small mammals with a pair of insectoid wings and a large crystalline scythe growing from the end of their tails. These tail-scythes secrete a thick poison which is used for subduing prey that would otherwise escape.

The species lays eggs. Freshly hatched kits are able to walk, talk, and use their wings moments after hatching, but remain reliant on older Darmegon to keep them fed. Kits eat meat immediately from birth.


Darmegon are solitary, stealthy predators that hunt in the jungles of Prova. Their preferred hunting method is to utilize their wings to jump extremely high, landing on top of their prey and slicing at them with their tail-scythe. When not hunting, the Darmegon conserves energy by napping in high tree branches.


Though they are not particularly sociable, groups of Darmegon accumulate during nights for the mutual raising of their kits. This is a very rare opportunity for the Darmegon to interact with others and is valued as a time for sharing stories. Though the Darmegon have no concrete spiritual beliefs, a large body of folk heroes are commonly drawn upon for the sharing of cherished tales and the creation of new ones. Old Tom, Cracked-Tail, and One Eye are just a few of these beloved mythical figures.

Darmegon raise their kits in large groups, with all involved mothers co-raising the hatchlings. The hatchlings' fathers almost never participate in child rearing. Most kits grow up never knowing their biological parents; Darmegon with familial attachments are considered immature.


The Darmegon's scythe-tail is sharp and deadly. The scythe is made from the liquid excreted from a gland near the tip of the tail, which over time solidifies and hardens into the hard crystal scythe. The gland also excretes the poison which soaks the hard blade, providing a deadly sting along with the blade's cut. The blade is brittle, however, and regularly breaks off from usage. It takes about a week for a new blade to grow sufficiently sharp for combat.


Darmegon poison is a valued narcotic used by the Kagzar, although the Jasemi prefer the toxins from the Nusi. A Darmegon is one of the most prized bounties a Kagzar hunter can claim, as its incredible speed and deadly sting make it very dangerous to hunt. The Kagzar enjoy eating the tail's scythe, as it tastes surprisingly sweet and provides a knock-out narcotic punch.


The Darmegon are opportunistic hunters and will eat whatever they can kill. Pufbulo, Vostruo, even Jasemi or a Kagzar in desperate times - the Darmegon is the most fearsome hunter in the jungle. Their preferred prey is the simple-brained Skobe.