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"Yes (but in a slightly louder voice)"
Nickname(s) Friend (Nova Zone)
Species Human
Gender Yes please
Pronouns He/him
Partner(s) Nova Zone

DAZ is the protagonist of Attract Mode. He is a video game addict and a miserable loner, but the Facility would better know him as an enormous pest.


DAZ is known to most of the people around him as being either an irritable drunkard or mildly dangerous. In reality, he's actually an extremely soft person with zero social skills, but very little people will ever get to know that as he's spend his entire life in a metal box.


Nova Zone

DAZ met Nova when they were both kids, or to be more precise, DAZ was followed around repeatedly without really noticing it.

Shortly after his parents' near-divorce and Nova's death, DAZ began spending an obscene amount of time playing video games - this is, of course, where their bond began. Not having any other source of positive reinforcement during puberty can do funny things to a kid.

Over the course of adulthood, they grow close until DAZ finally buys the arcade cabinet. DAZ soon becomes Nova's beloved operator and a key figure in the ghost liberation front, much to the Facility's dismay.

Hutch Nelson

Hutch absolutely adores DAZ. DAZ finds Hutch very scary.

Charles Bona

DAZ and Charlie both have similar goals, but both being irritable drunks, they don't tend to get along.


  • DAZ once tried to play another Nova Zone machine and quickly found out that he's actually terrible at video games.
  • As overbearing as Nova may seem, DAZ has kept a massive stack of magazine clippings about Nova Zone for years, so the feeling is mutual.
  • DAZ is okay at writing, but not very good at reading.