Clyde Batter

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Clyde Batter
AX235 Clyde.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Public nuisance
Partner(s) Logan McKnight

Clyde Batter is a human resident of Location City, and the boyfiend of Logan McKnight.


Clyde Batter is a general layabout and ruffian who values the finer things in life, like weed, pizza, and video games. It is very, very difficult to make Clyde think about things past them being "cool" or "un-cool". It is almost impossible to make Clyde upset about anything - it all gets brushed off in a haze of marijuana smoke and confusion.

As Edward Batter's only male child, he was spoiled and treated like a genius - to the point of complete emotional failure when his ADHD caused him to flunk out of school. The pressure of being expected to fix his grades snapped him in two, and he receded to the confinement of his room for weeks at a time.

It took an honest talk with his at-the-time friend Logan to help him out of his shell. On the flipside, now he is overwhelmingly proud of his complete lack of life accomplishments. He gladly says that he did the most that he could, and that he doesn't want to do anything more with his life. He now lives with his boyfriend and claims that he will start his own queer commune one day.

Clyde has the remarkable ability to creep other people out. Being completely detached from most situations, he ends up making frightening and violent jokes about things that happen around him. He has little to no awareness of this.


Logan McKnight

Logan provides Clyde with the one thing Clyde lacks in totality: stability. Logan is always there to shoot down ridiculous ideas, prevent horrible accidents, and smoke huge amounts of marijuana with Clyde. They are the perfect boyfriends.

Casey Batter

Casey is Clyde's elder sister who simply cannot tolerate him. Despite this, Clyde loves his big sister dearly and frankly relies on her a lot when things are tight. She approves of his boyfriend, though.

Charlie Bona

Charlie and Clyde were best friends growing up. They were as thick as theives, always romping around the town looking for the best places to hang out and, as they grew older, secretly smoke cigarettes. Now that they're both adults, they've drifted apart, but still consider each other good pals.


  • Clyde tends to break about one bong per week.
  • Clyde's favorite pizza topping is sausage. You can imagine the jokes.