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Some AXE235 species are closed, meaning that you aren't allowed to create your own members of the species. This is in contrast to open species, which you are free to do whatever you want with.

This page updates periodically. Rule changes are not retroactive.


The AXE235 universe comes with a lot of lore, and it's always being updated. When you purchase an adoptable, you're not just buying the species; you're buying access to the lore and the setting, and helping support everything that goes into running this wiki.

We don't view our species as unique, and we don't prohibit people from making similar designs. We only request that you not copy the setting and terms.

Terms of Service

Credit to the designer (usually @brilokuloj) is to be expected in spaces such as

Design terms are case-by-case, but all Prova designs made before November 2017 are trade-only unless otherwise noted.

Once you own the character, you can modify it freely (including changing it to an open or real-world species), but please contact us if you perform any permanent design changes that would alter its rarity.

You are not permitted to resell for higher than the price that you paid for the design and any additional art you've bought.


Make-Your-Own slots (often known as MYOs) are essentially vouchers you can purchase to prove that you have the right to design a character in a closed species.

We don't have strict rules, other than that you just try to adhere to the traits listed on the species page. We do not keep an online masterlist.

You are still expected to email your finished design to us for verification.