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AXE235 Cat.png
Home Boop, Sisibi
Powers Ghost vision
Body Type Feral
Sapience Varies
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Communication Body language and vocalization

Cats are a broad term to describe many kinds of felines in the AXE235 universe.


Cats are quadrupedal carnivorous mammals, and vary from 6 inches to 4 feet tall.

Boop cats

A large number of different species are defined as cats on Boop, including domestic cats, lions, and tigers.

Cats, especially in Shokal, are frequently subject to magical mutations.

The most common mutation is cats with flat, eerily human-like faces and deep, resonating voices. They have humanoid intelligence, and vary from the size of a domestic cat to that of a large dog. Despite their wisdom, they retain their stingy personalities and avoid humans whenever possible.

Sisibi cats

The term "cat" on Sisibi refers to small, fluffy felines, roughly the same size as Boop's domestic cats.

Cats on Sisibi are rare enough to be mythological. Only a few cats have been known, and the sighting of cat-shaped Monsters is considered to be a religious event.


Cats tend to be highly antisocial and, when sentient, do not merge well with other cultures. They stick to their own kind, at arm's length, and only rarely venture out of their communities to meet humans.


All cats are capable of seeing ghosts.


Cats are obligate carnivores, and must eat meat to survive. Due to the nonexistence of meat farms on Sisibi, cats there are known for eating Monsters.