Casey Batter

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Casey Batter
AXE235 Casey Batter.png
"Yeah, well, your mom!"
Species Human
Gender Woman
Pronouns She/her
Occupation Cashier (Pet Supplies & Moore)
Partner(s) Ren Moore (supposedly)

Casey Batter is a human resident of Location City, and the protagonist of the Store Wars plotline.


Casey Batter is a woman of few words: bitter, sour, and misanthropic. She doesn't really tolerate anything on any level, with a mean strike a few miles wide.

Nearly all of this can be attributed to her childhood: her mother left the family at a young age, leaving her stranded and lost without a supportive female role model. On top of that, her father connected better with her deadbeat younger brother Clyde, and spent more time spoiling him than even paying attention to her.

She otherwise has lived an exceptionally average life - no major traumas, no life-changing experiences, and nothing even particularly emotional to shake her. This has lead her towards an apathetic agnostic viewpoint that makes her put the lowest amount of effort into her day-to-day life. Even in the face


Ren Moore

As teenagers, Casey and Ren may or may not have been together; the answer changed every week, as their relationship was incredibly unstable. Most of the time she initiated a break, but once or twice she has pushed Ren to leaving her first.

In their transition to young adulthood, they begin to tolerate each other a little more, and gradually become more stable.

Clyde Batter

Casey does not get along with her younger brother Clyde, who has no job and yet somehow manages to produce an obscene amount of income, which he merely spends on drugs and pizza. She surprisingly tolerates his boyfriend, however.

Charles Bona

Casey, Charlie, and Clyde were best of friends as children, always looking around for some trouble to cause. Charlie and Casey rarely speak in person now, but make it a habit to call each other over the phone every week - either to complain about their workplace, or to scream at each other over something insubstantial and ultimately pointless.

Tara Snype

Casey and Tara dated briefly in high school and remain coworkers. They despise each other completely and utterly, largely because they share the same viewpoint on nearly everything and get along on all topics.


  • Ren was the one who knit her scarf. It was a Christmas present and she never takes it off.
  • Casey has delusions that she might die if she doesn't make a "your mom" joke at least once a day.