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Boop is a planet in AXE235 much like our own, with an advanced human civilization that spreads across its surface. Humans live together in large cities, medium towns, small villages, and any other kind of societal congregation you can think of.


Boop has been a mostly magic-free planet for its existence, but due to strange events during its late 20th century, Boop is in the middle of a slow-moving magic crisis. Mutants, monsters, and creatures of all kinds walk freely on the streets - although more freely on some streets than others.

Boop has numerous forms of central government, but these governances tend to be smaller and less influential than on our planet. The government of Usono doesn't hold a grip over the full Usonan continent; some locations, like Shokal, are practically independent city-states with their own functioning political system.

Eventually, due to the inevitable Magic Crisis reaching a head, Boop will undergo a complete societal collapse that will result in widespread transformations, the complete dissolution of all forms of government, and eventually the rise of a new form of society that is completely dissimilar to how Boop was before.

Until then, Boop is one of the more stable and "normal" planets in its universe.



Locations, where not stated, use Esperanto names.