Beast of Wabel Woods

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The Beast of Wabel Woods
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Occupation Monster

The Beast of Wabel Woods is a legendary monster that is rumored to inhabit the Wabel Woods forest.


During the early 1950s, a group of land surveyors examining the land reported seeing a large, humanoid figure wandering through the trees. Though no evidence was provided, rumor spread quickly through the towns neighboring the Wabel Woods: a monster had made its home inside it.

Over the next few decades, a coherent image of the monster formed. It was described as an enormous humanoid, covered in hair, much larger than the average person. It was claimed to be hugely muscular, and highly aggressive; the few close-up encounters there were mostly reported being chased or stalked by the creature. The monster was dubbed "The Beast of Wabel Woods" and became a minor sensation through the county.

Though never approaching the mania more prominent cryptids would assume nationwide, the Beast became an icon of the Wabel Woods area and a lasting fad that would fascinate professional cryptid hunters for years. The Beast-mania eventually peaked in the early 90s, when a large forest fire destroyed a substantial prortion of the Wabel Woods and took the life of an unknown person living in a cabin on a small parcel of land deep within the forest. Believers of the Beast developed a theory that the Beast had killed the person, and the fire was started in self-defense against it. Those who believe in the Beast claim that the corpse was found beheaded, and did not die from burns or smoke inhalation.

After the mania of the forest fire wore down, the obsession with the Beast finally petered out. Rational explanations for the fire - a faulty wood stove - and the mysterious beheading - a bear attack - seemed to put paid to the legend of the Beast once and for all. No further sightings were made for years after the fire, and only the most hardcore cryptozoologists continue to study the Beast of Wabel Woods.


The appearance of the Beast has been contradictory between reports. There are only a few totally consistent features: primarily its great size, around eight feet tall, and it being covered in rich dark hair. Otherwise, there are as many descriptions of the Beast as there are trees in Wabel Woods itself.

Another common feature is the Beast's supposed great strength and aggression. The Beast is supposedly incredibly strong, ripping trees up with almost no effort, and is more than willing to take its strength out on passers-by. A significant number of reports involving the Beast included being chased by it, or witnessing it destroying trees or killing wild animals with ease.