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Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Family Snowy (pet dog)
Partner(s) Rocky

Alec is the human deuteragonist of Good Dog Food, and Rocky's boyfriend.


Alec is a patient and caring person who enjoys taking care of others. He is gentle and careful, but his temper occasionally gets the best of him.



Rocky is Alec's boyfriend. Rocky heavily relied on Alec to accomplish most household tasks, as Rocky's chronic pain and mental issues make it difficult for him to perform most basic living arrangements. They love each other dearly, but have been prone to arguing with each other when stressed.

Ever since Rocky's transformation after eating the Good Dog Food, they have remained close. Rocky and Alec have continued their relationship, albeit more in a dog-ownership sense.


Snowy and Alec have had a relatively neutral relationship to each other, primarily linked by their associations with Rocky. Rocky was Snowy's designated caretaker, so Alec has not had to do much in the way of keeping up with Snowy's health and happiness besides making sure there was food in the house for her. Regardless, Alec has always enjoyed playing with Snowy and Alec in Snowy's good health.

Ever since Snowy's transformation, Alec has assumed the role of Snowy's caretaker and their relationship has grown closer. Alec now walks and plays with Snowy regularly, and Snowy's new and improved health has kept them both in a good mood.


  • Alec has a tendency to develop paranoid delusions, and is highly skeptical of anything that would provide evidence against them.
  • Alec spends his free time arguing with people on the internet about cartoons.