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AXE235 Agagl.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Spirit magic (Wish-granting)
Body Type Anthro
Lifespan 1-2 years
Locomotion Bipedal
Communication Verbal

The Agagl is a closed species that lives on Prova.


The Agagl are semi-sentient insects who live in a eusocial hive. They are small, standing at about one to two inches tall.

They have six legs, standing on four, and using the front two as grasping forelegs. They have large, sensitive antennae, large black eyes, and strong mandibles on their faces.

Their colors range from vibrant shades of blue to dull greens and greys, while their abdomens feature bright warning coloration.


Agagl are insects of limited sentience. Being insects, their only motivation in life is to do whatever their leader tells them to do. Agagl are friendly and curious, but do not possess the intelligence to understand much of anything they see.

An Agagl Monarch is the leader of their hive, and the only Agagl in a hive of fully sentient intelligence. They direct the actions of the hive and controls their magical abilities, along with having powerful magical skills themself.


Agagl are too small to defend themselves from most threats, leaving them a favorite snack of Darmegon. The Monarch of a hive is a powerful magic user, however, and defends their hive with all forms of magical offense.


Agagl are highly magical creatures, even rivaling the Kotfisken in magical ability. Unfortunately for them, the Agagl are not bright enough to utilize their magical gift thoroughly. Only the Monarch of the Agagl hive is smart enough to fully use their powers.

The most distinctive power of the Agagl that no other species possess is the gift of wish-granting, a division of spirit magic. Any Agagl can grant a wish, but only small ones, such as harvesting a field or finding inspiration for a new artistic creation.

The Monarch is capable of granting the greatest of wishes. Things such as resurrecting the dead or altering the flow of fate are easily within their grasp.


The Agagl eat primarily leaves, berries, and whatever other plant matter that they come across. They also enjoy pollen and nectar from flowers. Agagl are omnivorous, and opportunistic scavengers, eating any rotten meat they can luck onto - including other dead Agagl.


Agagl live in large hives, which are made from enormous dirt mounds. The Monarch of the hive lives in the very center, surrounded by the egglayer caste of Agagl.

Unlike eusocial Earth insects, the Monarch does none of the egglaying themself - one of their roles as the leader of the hive is to tend to the egglayers, who perform the actual function of keeping the hive alive. The worker Agagl flit in and out of the hive, providing food and caring for the newly hatched babies.

Some Agagl manage to drift away from their hives and end up captured by another sentient species. The Jasemi and Kagzaren value the Agagl as household sprites, putting out offerings of berries and milk to convince an Agagl to help with the household chores. The Kagzar view the Agagl as pests.