Provan magic crisis

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The Provan magic crisis was a mysterious surge of magical energy that nearly led to the destruction of Prova. It was ended by the god Luno, according to legend.


The Crisis, at it is sometimes called, happened thousands of years in Provan history and nearly led to the total obliteration of the planet. Little is known about the actual event, but legends persist: Fire burning in the sky, horrific mutations twisting flesh like clay, and time flowing in random directions are just a few of the nightmarish scenarios passed down in oral history. Hundreds of thousands are believed to have died, with entire species going extinct in mere moments.

The Magic Crisis ended as abruptly as it started. Supposedly the god Luno revealed herself and stepped in directly to mend the chaos. The natural order was restored, and most of the killed - particularly the magic sensitive Jasemi - were resurrected. Luno quickly found followers amongst the grateful Jasemi, along with the Kagzaren, dissident Kagzar who were permanently mutated by the crisis' magic.

The Kotfisken were directly created by the wild magic of the Crisis, being otherwise normal Kotfisk that were given incredible intelligence. They, however, ascribed the end of the Crisis to no god and developed a culture of pure rationality.