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Provan magic is the system of magic as it works on Prova.


All magic on Prova stems from five elements, which exist in a state of perpetual harmony.

Most species on Prova are not magical at all; only species that were exposed to strong amounts of genetically-altering magic energy have developed powers inherent to their species. It takes a much stronger mutation caused by exposure to powerful magic, whether before birth or in life, to allow a Provan to use magic from an element their species is not capable of.

Just because a species was mutated does not mean that individuals will have the ability to consciously utilize their powers in the form of spells. In turn, some species on Prova have more innate magical talent than others. While the average Kagzar has no obvious magical ability, a Jasemi is capable of powerful magical feats - and a Kotfisken even more so.

In short, a non-mutated Kagzar will never be able to use magic spells, and a non-mutated Kagzaren will never be able to use Water magic, and so forth.


Earth magic focuses around manipulating forces of soil and plant life. The Kagzaren, and to some innate extent the Kagzar, possess the power of this element.


Fire magic utilizes the powers of heat and flame. Those with the ability to control Fire can conjure flames and transfer heat from one source to another.


Water magic controls water, in its frozen, liquid, and gaseous forms. The Kotfisken possess almost total mastery of Water magic, and use it for a wide variety of purposes.


Air magic deals with the flow of air across the surface of the world. Manipulation of air goes further than the atmosphere; Air magic users can control virtually any gaseous substance.


Spirit magic is the most unique and mysterious magic on Prova. It is based around the mysteries of both mind and soul. Users of spirit magic are capable of bending wills and exploring the world of dreams. Jasemi have a strong connection to Spirit magic.