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Provan society does not discriminate based upon sex. The four major sentient species living on and around the Center have male and female sexes, but "gender" is a highly fluid concept that varies highly depending on the species.

The Kagzar have a unique method of gender: although there are males and females, no gender is ascribed to a child until they are old enough to work in a caste. This means there are functionally four genders: herders, artisans, hunters, and warriors. As the castes are fluid (aside from the warrior caste, which can only be left by death), this means a Kagzar can change their gender presentation frequently throughout their life. Sexually, the Kagzar lay eggs and breastfeed the newly hatched babies, functioning as monotremes. There is virtually no dimorphism between male and female Kagzar aside from the makeup of their genitals.

Jasemi ascribe themselves to a "male" and a "female" gender, but thanks to their powerful belief in reincarnation, gender is seen as a kind of veil that is placed over the "true self" to protect it. Sexually, the Jasemi exhibit strong dimorphism: males have long beaks, tall head-crests, and are flamboyantly colored; females are shorter, with no crest, and tend to run in more subdued browns, blues, and blacks. Male Jasemi tend to be field workers and manual laborers, while the females create poetry, design games, and craft farming tools. This is not a strict divide, and if a female wishes to work in the field of a male desires to write a story, no judgement is passed whatsoever.

The Kagzaren have eschewed the traditional gender system of the Kagzar in favor of imitating the Jasemi. However, due to the lack of dimorphism, they have very little perception of how to present their gender. This leads to a very high ratio of transgender Kagzaren, who choose to present themselves as a certain gender according to their wishes. The Kagzaren have very little comprehension of how your sex and gender correlate, and are totally egalitarian in allowing both males and females to become priests or farm workers.

The Kotfisken, as usual, are unusual: they have no perception of gender and, if introduced to the concept, would dismiss it as foolish. Though there are males and females, Kotfisken have zero sexual dimorphism and are incapable of distinguishing males and females even amongst themselves. Kotfisken reproduce by spawning: a female lays her eggs in the brooding area of the pyramid-city, a male comes by to ejaculate upon them, and the fertilized eggs later hatch into infants who are capable of hunting and defending themselves immediately upon birth. It is a totally impassionate affair, with mother and father never meeting their children or each other.

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