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Prova is an Earthlike planet, with frozen poles and a hot, humid equator. Most sentient species on Prova live near the equator in a tropical region, but living species are spread all around the world.

The primary setting on Prova, a continent the inhabitants call "the center of Prova", is a large expanse of tropical rainforest. Huge swaths of jungle are cut between mountain reaches, and villages are built in the clearings. The continent itself is a large band that encircles the entire equator, connecting to itself around the entire expanse of Prova.

To the north of the Center, there is a large frozen continent covering much of the pole known as North Prova. Though life struggles to flourish, it lives regardless through several winterized species. The Fridodo and Marhund build tribal camps on the relatively warmer coasts, while winterized Vostruo and Pufbulo roam closer to the frozen wastes.

South are two continents, one covered in sandy desert, the other in flat savannah steppes. Very little is known about what resides on these continents, but it is known from the Kotfisken that there is no land mass covering the south pole.

Each side of the planet divided is otherwise covered in the respective Great North Ocean or Great South Ocean. It is within the shallows of these oceans that the Kotfisken live and propagate their studies. The oceans are salty, and only connect through rivers that cut through the Center.

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