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Prova is a planet populated with a wide variety of sentient species. It is a relatively young world, only just having discovered metallurgy, but rich with the power of magic.


Prova has little "history", having only recently invented a system of writing, but its prehistory spans back thousands of years. The most relevant event in Provan history was the Provan magic crisis, a surge of incredible magic power that distorted life on Prova forever.

The Crisis changed Prova forever, but nowhere was so changed as the Center, the continent that girdles the planet's equator. Four species were mutated by the Crisis to new, unfamiliar power: the Kagzar, the Kagzaren, the Kotfisken, and the Jasemi.

With the unpleasantness of the Crisis behind them, the species of Prova now live in peace.










Prova has four continents, each with their own climate and native species.

Center Prova is the literal center of the world; it is a band of earth that spans the entire equator of Prova, dividing it into two separate oceans. The Center is a lush paradise of grasslands and rainforests.

To the south of Center are two continents. Southwest Prova is covered in savannah, with hardy wildlife well adapted to the dry atmosphere.

Even drier than its western twin is Southeast Prova, composed of sandy deserts and shrubland with little mercy for life.

On the opposite side of Center is North Prova, a landmass that covers the northern pole of Prova. It is mostly a vast frozen tundra, but enough life flourishes on its coast for some sentient species to call it home, stranded from Center Provan society.


There are two major religions on Prova: the Stelan religion and the Lunan religion. Of the two, the Stelan religion is older; it is based upon the worship of the sun as a diety named Stelo. This is the traditional belief of the Kagzar, who hold that warriors which die in battle will be sent to an afterlife to live alongside Stelo himself.

The Lunan religion is considerably younger; it has only emerged after the events of the Crisis. It worships the god Luno, believed to be a deity responsible for ending the Magic Crisis, which inhabits the Provan moon. The Jasemi and the Kagzaren are the followers of Luno - the Kagzaren especially so.