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AXE235 Nusi.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Sapience Beast
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Communication Vocal

The Nusi is a closed species that lives on Prova. They are a domesticated variety of the Darmegon kept by the Jasemi.


Nusi resemble the Darmegon, aside from several key features. They are larger, stronger, and gentler than the Darmegon. Their scythe-tail has been replaced with a tail orb, from which the coveted venom drips in enormous amounts.

The Nusi were domesticated by the Jasemi to provide a constant source of the venom so central to their drug using habits, as well for companionship and pest management. The tail-orb is an evolution of the scythe-tail, designed to maximize the amount of venom produced without being a razor sharp weapon of death. This venom is collected by Jasemi who use it for religious ritual and just plain getting high.


Nusi prowl the streets of Jasemi villages, playing with children and looking for small pests to eat. The Nusi is gentle and friendly, and enjoys being pet by any Jasemi it crosses.


Without their scythe-tail, the Nusi relies on its fangs and claws to defend itself. They have had their wild, bloodthirsty ways bred out of them by the Jasemi and are generally peaceful, however.


The Nusi are as kind-hearted as the Jasemi and dislike killing, but they are still animals who must eat. Small rodents and the occasional lost Pufbulo make up the mainstays of their diet, but the Nusi are omnivorous and will feed with the Jasemi on vegetables when given.