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AXE235 Fridodo.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Body Type Anthro
Lifespan 40-60 years
Locomotion Bipedal
Communication Verbal

The Fridodo is a closed species that lives on Prova.


Living on the frozen continent of North Prova, the Fridodo are a hardy avian species with a strict culture. They are stout, fluffy-feathered and have long hooked beaks. Their beady eyes and sharp beaks give them a constant dismayed look, making it hard for non-Fridodo to read their emotions.


Fridodo live on the coast of North Prova, where a warmer taiga biome allows for living creatures to flourish. Fridodo society is focused around fishing and hunting for subsistence. Being pre-metallurgy, Fridodo rely on the skins and bones of hunted Finar and Kotfisk to craft clothing, tools, and goods.


In combat, Fridodo favor weapons made of stone and bone. The Fridodo have very little inter-tribe conflict - the general survival of the species is far more important - and as such have not invented general warfare strategy.


Fridodo do not have much power in the way of magic. Though they innately possess magical ability about on the level of the Kagzaren, no scientific system of magic has emerged yet.

Being birds, Fridodo are able to fly very short distances, hopefully if they get a backwind.


The Fridodo live and die by hunting Pufbulo, large herds of which populate the coastline. These large, fluffy specimens provide everything the Fridodo need: meat, fur, bones, and even companions. Finar and Kotfisk provide supplemental nutrition to Fridodo, but are valued specifically for their very useful hides and bones.


Fridodo live in organized tribes of up to dozens of members. Inter-tribal conflict is virtually nil; the mutual survival of the species is considered much more important than petty conflict.

The Fridodo do not practice a formal religion, but believe strongly in an animist system where the spirits of the Finar, Pufbulo, and Kotfisk that sustain them guide them in life. Elder Fridodo frequently perform divination involving bones, skins, and organs to guide their tribes through difficult times.