Fire Kingdom

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The Fire Kingdom is one of the five major kingdoms of Sisibi.


The Fire Kingdom is an arid desert of flat mesa islands, gathered around large volcanoes.


Fire Sisibans are very unusual compared to other Sisibans: they appear to be made of rock, due to highly calcified rock-like deposits that grow on their skin.

Fire Kingdom Monsters must be capable of withstanding the extreme heat within and around the volcano. Lizards, dragons, and scaled beasts are suited to soak up the warmth and stay lively on the mesas of the Fire Kingdom.

Oil, Lava, Plasma, and Acid subtypes roam the rocky mesas. Pure Fire-types are considered the most powerful monsters, and are a status symbol for any Fire Sisiban able to befriend them.


The inhabitants of the Fire Kingdom are gregarious, friendly people, who are always warm-hearted to outsiders. The volcanoes that dot their lands are considered sacred; much effort is spent into digging out tunnels to inhabit inside their crusts, so as to be closer to the holy heart of lava.

Citizens of the kingdom place great stress on recording the history of the world; stories in general are a highly revered part of their culture.