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AXE235 Finar.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Body Type Animal
Lifespan 25-30 years
Sapience Beast
Locomotion Aquatic
Communication Echolocation

The Finar is a closed species that lives on Prova.


Common Finar are huge aquatic beasts that swim in the oceans near the Center of Prova. They are the largest known mammals on Prova, reaching up to 200 feet in length.

The Kotfisken have domesticated breeds of Finar that they use as transport and pack animals when travelling between cities. Due to the extent of this breeding, the Finar have developed a frontal stomach exclusively for their passengers. The sphincter into the second stomach is far too small for Kotfisken to even accidentally fall into, but just in case, all Finar are outfitted with seaweed seatbelts (annoyingly referred to as "seabelts").

There are several breeds of Finar: some are as large as a regular Kotfisken, and are used to ride upon for long distances. Others are enormous, hundreds of feet long, and are used as pack animals to carry large quantities of goods and Kotfisken for very long travel periods.

Northern Finar swim in the freezing waters of North Prova, where they form a strong foundation to the Northern culture. Northern Finar are exceptionally large and dangerous compared to their Common cousins, with extremely sharp teeth and darker skin coloration.


Finar are friendly, curious creatures that take well to domestication. Small and young Finar enjoy playing in large groups, while large Finar are stoic and gentle. The Kotfisken cultivate this behavior, giving them animal companions that are willing to listen to any command.

Finar are capable of gliding for lengthy distances above the water's surface, floating on their large and aerodynamic fins. When supported by Kotfisken magic, Finar can glide for miles comfortably.

They are capable of astonishing feats of cruelty with little provocation or reason, despite their friendly nature. Groups of adult Finar have been seen regularly chasing terrified Kotfisk for hours until the Kotfisk dies of exhaustion, for no reason other than what appears to be pleasure. These acts of cruelty are performed wit the same jolly attitude the Finar show in all other situation.


Finar are very large, and have few predators. If aggressed, the Finar's natural bulk will protect them, and sharp teeth will let them rip any enemy apart.


Both varieties of Finar eat Kotfisk as their regular diet. If in a starvation situation, they will eat seaweed to survive.