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This is a list of all of Eggware.XYZ's releases.


Frequently Modulated

Genre: Horror, romance, choose-your-own-adventure

Frequently Modulated is a horror story about Bigfoot and the power of radio.

In an isolated forest, one would-be survivalist takes a vacation from normal life in their small cabin. Armed only with their literature and cheap radios, they expect nothing but a quiet month of solitude.

When their tranquility is interrupted by a mysterious creature, their peaceful vacation comes to a screeching halt. Who has been watching them? What is the monster in the woods? Where did it come from? And what do the people on the radio know that they don't?

Prova World

Genre: Worldbuilding

Prova World is a primer to the Prova setting and its major inhabitants.

Good Dog Food

Genre: Short story, horror

Good Dog Food is a horror story about dog healthcare.

Alec and Rocky live together in an apartment with Rocky's dog, Snowy. Snowy is a very elderly dog who is nearing the end of her life. The two can't agree on what to do with her, until an unlikely answer shows up in the supermarket.



Genre: Web toy

Procedumons is an HTML web toy.

The randomly generated creatures of Procedumons are waiting for you! With each click, you can generate a new monster, each with a typing, name, and personality issues! The more you click, the more creatures with terrible problems you generate!


Genre: Web toy

Handcat is an HTML web toy. Upload images and receive descriptions for them.

Are you PLAGUED with unidentified items? Are you BORED of having swords stick to your hand? Fear no more, for HANDCAT is here to identify your items, knick-knacks, and other objects! Simply upload an image of the item in question via the handy CRYSTAL-BALL interface, and she'll give you everything you need to know!


Attract Mode

Genre: Interactive fiction, choose your own adventure, romance

Attract Mode is a queer erotic interactive fiction game about loving your best friend.

Ostensibly a spooky ghost story, this tale contains themes of late-onset sexual development, intimacy shared through video games, and the aftermath of child abuse. Prepare to feel mildly uncomfortable and estranged as you listen to an alcoholic video game addict's tale of mystery.

Horse Pills

Genre: Interactive fiction, choose your own adventure

Horse Pills is an interactive fiction game about becoming a pretty horse!

You play as a human who gets a package of medication in the mail one day and undergoes a mysterious change. Take big pills, small pills, many pills, no pills - with numerous paths to choose from and over 500 different words in the game's vocabulary, you'll never be the same horse twice!

That Is Me.

Genre: Incremental game, simulation

That Is Me. is an incremental clicker game about everyone's favorite microblogging website.

You play as Lezo, a microblogging novice. Lezo just happens to be kin for a fictional character from Peko!, a 1990s badly-dubbed foreign-language cartoon ostensibly about Christianity. Lezo's job is to refresh the #Peko! hashtag and reblog as much content as possible, in order to accumulate thousands of followers.


Genre: 2D point-and-click, drama

Sundries is a graphic adventure game about a group of planetary people living in a desert.

Explore the mysterious, anachronistic desert to find trinkets and convince your friends to help you. Wander through an ancient tomb and a crystal cavern to find the secrets hidden inside. Listen to your friends and siblings whine at you until you give them what they want.

Kojoto's Closet

Genre: 3D point-and-click, slice-of-life

Kojoto's Closet is a point-and-click vignette about moving on to things that you need, but don't necessarily want.

Your quest as Kojoto is to upgrade their aging computer. The only way you can accomplish this is by going into Kojoto's closet, where their past lives.

Long John Gets Banned

Genre: Interactive fiction, drama

Have you ever had a friend or family member who hurt you, but you couldn't tell anyone about it? Welcome to the #1 real-time barbecue party simulator of 2015. Made in Twine.



Genre: Mashup


Genre: Junkatronic

KojoClo EP

Genre: Chiptune


Genre: Chiptune


The EasyGender Machine

Attract Mode Assets

Sundries Assets