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This is a list of all of Eggware.XYZ's releases.


Rat Facts

Genre: Comedy

Everybody's wondered it at least once in their lifetime: What are rats, and why are they here? Wonder no more. Here is an informative pamphlet filled to the brim with the most accurate, the least fraudulent, and DEFINITELY not completely nonsensical facts about rats. All the information you need to know about rats, stuffed inside one little book!

Shokal's Coloring Book - For Bigger Paws

Genre: Comedy

Welcome to the city of Shokal, a strange city on the weird west coast! To smooth your integration to the city, we’ve produced a coloring book featuring some of the citizens of the city that you might encounter. Don’t be afraid - they’re people, just like you! Just try not to stare.

The Abbreviated Work of Roki

Genre: Fictional religious parables

The philosophy of the legendary Kagzaren priest, Roki, has since grown to be one of the dominant religions of the galactic quarter. By studying the ancient texts, we can understand the reasons behind a once-backwater planet's belief system rising to dominance. This collection contains a selection of original Roki texts, re-translated and commentated for clarity.

Frequently Modulated

Genre: Horror, romance, choose-your-own-adventure

In an isolated forest, one would-be survivalist takes a vacation from normal life in their small cabin. Armed only with their literature and cheap radios, they expect nothing but a quiet month of solitude.

When their tranquility is interrupted by a mysterious creature, their peaceful vacation comes to a screeching halt. Who has been watching them? What is the monster in the woods? Where did it come from? And what do the people on the radio know that they don't?

Prova World

Genre: Worldbuilding

Prova World is a primer to the Prova setting and its major inhabitants.

Good Dog Food

Genre: Short story, horror

Alec and Rocky live together in an apartment with Rocky's dog, Snowy. Snowy is a very elderly dog who is nearing the end of her life. The two can't agree on what to do with her, until an unlikely answer shows up in the supermarket.

  • Pending rerelease


Slamma's Quest

Genre: Let's Play



Genre: Web toy

The randomly generated creatures of Procedumons are waiting for you! With each click, you can generate a new monster, each with a typing, name, and personality issues! The more you click, the more creatures with terrible problems you generate!


Genre: Web toy

Are you PLAGUED with unidentified items? Are you BORED of having swords stick to your hand? Fear no more, for HANDCAT is here to identify your items, knick-knacks, and other objects! Simply upload an image of the item in question via the handy CRYSTAL-BALL interface, and she'll give you everything you need to know!



Genre: Mashup


Genre: Junkatronic

KojoClo EP

Genre: Chiptune


Genre: Chiptune


This category is where we put any rare survivors of The Cleanup. We don't offer support for them because they won't be around for much longer - grab a personal copy if you want one, and respect our right to pull the plug on them at any time.