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AXE235 Bird.png
Home Boop
Body Type Feral
Locomotion Bipedal
Communication Body language and vocalization

Birds are a class of animals that live on Boop.


Birds are characterised by feathered wings and toothless beaks. They range in size from 2 inches to 9 feet tall.


Birds, especially in Shokal, are frequently subject to magical mutations. The most frequent is that their wings turn into "arms" with five prehensile "fingers", strong but thin muscles covered in downy fluff that can be manipulated to hold objects. Birds with hands almost always have the ability to speak and comprehend language.


Birds are generally incredibly social, revealed especially in their handling of names. Every bird has a personal name consisting of an adjective and a given name.

The first letter or character of their adjective designates the bird's clan that they have chosen to associate with. The first letter or character of their given name generally reveals the generation they were born into; with each generation, initials will cycle through the alphabet or a given pattern. As an example, a bird named Tiny Bob may choose to name their child Tremendous Cathy.

Birds are free to change their names at any point in their life, especially after significant events. Generally they'll stay within their initials, but either can be changed.


Birds have varied diets, ranging from fruit to seeds, and sometimes even other birds. Mutant birds can eat just about anything that humans can eat.