Air Kingdom

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The Air Kingdom is one of the five major kingdoms of Sisibi.


The Air Kingdom is a city in the sky, floating upon the very clouds of Sisibi. It is a perilous place, ruled by a collective of magicians who value magical knowledge above all else. Even setting foot within the kingdom's borders demands intense magical knowledge; if you're not a native Air elemental, a constant spell must be cast upon your person to keep you from simply falling through the clouds.


Sisibans of the Air Kingdom are lithe and lanky, and have an innate ability to manipulate clouds.

Monsters in the Air Kingdom are nearly all capable of flight, a must for the lofty heights of the Air Kingdom. Any Monsters allowed within the city proper must be capable of walking on clouds, either naturally or magically.

Almost all Monsters are pure Air-type, but there are very rarely Cloud, Glass, and Plasma subtyped Monsters.


The Air Kingdom is an oppressive city-state that tolerates no dissent or defection. The magicians in charge treat their kingdom as a farm to grow sorcerers more than a civilization to rule. Only the brightest minds are allowed to live in the city, and those who fail to show promise are exiled to the world below.

Recently, the Air Kingdom has begun militarizing with the expectation that they will go to war with the Water Kingdom over the ownership of clouds.